Efficient management and utilization of a company's resources to meet the demands of consumers and achieve a company's goals is known as marketing and marketing knowledge.

Marketing includes a wide range of activities such as planning, concept implementation, pricing, advertising and distribution of goods, services and ideas to create exchanges with different people that aim to satisfy the goals of the customer and the organization.

The purpose of digital marketing

The purpose of this process is to set aside every aspect of a company's internal operations to ensure that the process has enough value to deliver value to customers, while this theory can be a respectable theory, but while creating the steps Internal sales to customers creates a divisive mindset between them and us. Ideally, internal marketing should be considered as an integrated internal management to manage and support all activities that are directly and indirectly aimed at meeting the needs and satisfaction of customers.

Business managers are responsible for revenue and maintaining profitability at an acceptable level to continue the business. They must also ensure that all employees come to understand that their actions individually and collectively affect customer perception and satisfaction, and ultimately related to the level of revenue on which the organization's existence depends. Inducing passion, creativity, motivation and expertise is not really the subject of communication, but the foundation of effective management and leadership is the subject of communication. In many businesses, corporate governance is generally based on an internal process, not on the results required; Organizations are therefore subdivided into research, production, sales, shipping, credit control, finance, purchasing, and staffing; Otherwise, the spirit of autonomy will spread in different parts of the organization. One of the most important decisions that any company has to make is whether to enter the international market or be limited to the borders of its country, but perhaps companies that because of the security of their domestic market share and unwillingness to learn the rules and Global market regulations are not interested in globalization.

Nevertheless, we attract organizations to globalization for the following reasons:

  • The scale of the global economy
  • International market size
  • Pristine international markets
  • Profitable opportunities in international markets

Results-oriented digital marketing solutions

Of course, at first glance, this will be very difficult to diagnose, especially when the goal is an absolute conclusion. Dear employer, you should be aware that digital media advertising is in its infancy, and any company that claims to provide services in the digital field is definitely a new service provider or this service If you search the Internet, there are many companies working under the name of Digital Marketing Company, and in the meantime, the majority of advertising companies or advertising agencies claim that they can provide digital marketing services. To do the best for you. Due to the emergence of digital marketing services in Iran, it is very difficult to identify which companies can do your job best. Many companies that claim this do not even have a portfolio in this or similar fields and only claim to do digital marketing services. Some companies that work in the name of digital marketing do not have a complete package in this regard and only try to divide the work of marketing services such as site design, SEO, Internet branding and.. .