Just having a professional site is not enough. You need ads to be seen. The best places to be seen on the Internet are the spaces where the most user traffic is located.

It is interesting to know that more than 60% of internet traffic is related to Google searches and the other 10% is related to Yahoo and Bing! This means that search engines account for more than 70% of Internet traffic and the remaining 30% for other sites.

Now consider where a site should be advertised if it wants to be seen on the Internet? Certainly in search engines.

One of the best ways to be seen in search engines is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is any action that is done in order to optimize the site for better display in search engine results. SEO is another digital marketing service provided by Sajed Smart Makers.

SEO is a complex science and you have to go to professional SEOs to do SEO. For this purpose, we suggest you use our professional SEO services.

Authentic tools are used to check the internal SEO of your website. Gaining knowledge of the current state of SEO helps the smart team to have more accurate targeting. In the technical optimization of the site, an attempt is made to make an accurate expertise on the speed, page size and loading speed of the site. Metatags, special tags and other technical elements are also examined.

بهینه سازی

Internal SEO is divided into two parts: technical and content. In the technical optimization of the site, an attempt is made to make an accurate expertise on the speed, page size and loading speed of the site. Meta tags, special tags and other technical elements are also examined.

External SEO is identified to start the quantity and quality of links. As a result of these checks, poor quality links and spam will be identified. Also, the status of the distribution of inline texts will be examined and keywords will be provided to you. Finally, after these analyzes, links and reports are made on various websites.

Steps of implementing SEO services and site optimization:

At the beginning of the project, there are issues that directly affect the outcome and the chosen SEO strategy. Items such as domain history in attracting backlinks, domain spam score, quality of site content (copy or proprietary), the presence of hidden tags on the site, erroneous repetition in the use of basic tags, etc .; Which must be carefully examined.

Your website, or rather what competitors does your business have? Who are your users and in what environment should the work be done? How much budget is needed to run the service? How much time does it take to conclude? How much content is needed for your activity and ... Answering all these questions will determine our ultimate strategy for optimizing your site.

Depending on the scope of your business, fresh and organic content should be produced and published on the site. This content is produced with the aim of attracting the general public and from this perspective they have a general format. To grow the credibility of the site, new content must be produced using the principles of writing and SEO principles of content, and published regularly on the website.

Your website has a specialized review; And all the optimizable items are presented in the form of a file. Many of these things are done by the SEO team; And some things that are beyond the control of the SEO team (such as websites designed in ASP) require the cooperation of the web designer. This process is mostly done once; However, it is repeated in special cases and updates.

The sensitivity of this part is very high. Sites, blogs, forums, etc. should have a suitable environment for creating links. It is important to stay away from spam websites, forums that regularly delete links, and to control many other things. Your content, taking into account the above conditions.