What is software development?

According to IBM (Software Development) research, a set of computer science activities is the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software.

Software itself is a set of instructions or programs that tell a computer what to do. It is hardware independent and allows computers to be programmable.

Before defining and opening the first development topic, let's start with the definition of the web to get acquainted with the basic definitions.

What is a website?

To one or more pages that are within the Internet and users can connect to the Internet to access the pages of software development they have a website, a website, a website, a website and a web.

توسعه نرم افزار

Websites can have different users. For example, a news website that publishes news about its content.

Or social networking sites that allow people to connect.

Or an online store site that allows you to shop.

Or, for example, the same site hssco.ir Which is a corporate site and service provider.

Website development

Your web development consists of several parts:

- User side design and development (Front End-Design(

In this part, the pages of the site that the user is supposed to view are designed. Website design is done with codes. Although many site-building systems have emerged recently, they cannot be used to create great designs.

The languages used in this section are HTML, java, CSS, js.

front-end programming languages

- Server side development (Back End Development(

The main part of this process is this part. It is true that the user sees the design and appearance and does not know much about this part. But when a user enters the website, he must have a need that he wants to be met. It may be a need to get a service or a purchase, or it may be to read an article, or it may want to get a movie ticket, or it may want to book a hotel, and…

The languages used in this section are php, ASP.net.

back-end programming languages

In this article, I do not intend to compare and introduce languages in full, and I will explain to the extent that it is a minor acquaintance, and I do not intend to go into detail and explain each of them.

Database design

In medium to high projects, this section can be considered the most important part of web development. Because if there is a problem in the analysis and design of this section, our system, system or site will no longer have that stability. In this section we need to determine how and where our website data is stored.

It may seem like an easy task, but you have to analyze this system so intelligently and intelligently that in Zild and high data, its speed does not slow down and it can respond to users.

Server management

One of the parts that can be part of web development is choosing and managing the server, whether it is appropriate to use a dedicated server or shared hosting meets our needs, and the configuration of these servers and hosts can have a significant impact on Have the speed and optimality of our website.

Software development is the collective process involved in creating software applications that visualizes all stages throughout the system development life cycle (SDLC.(

The software production process, known as the software production life cycle, is one of the most important issues in the production of a system that is often overlooked in Iran. This process makes our final product not only technically but also scientifically and in engineer field correct. To be designed.

Software development process refers to a series of software engineering activities that are planned and designed with the aim of managing the life cycle of a software system.

SDLC methods are from software design to meet business needs, software development for planning and targeting, analysis, production, testing, deployment and maintenance of software systems.

In general, the steps that are taken during the development and production of software are called the software production and development life cycle (SDLC(.

The life cycle of a system is divided into two types:

1- TLC or the life cycle of older systems

2- OODLC or the life cycle of object-oriented systems

The cascade model is the main, linear and sequential SDLC method, generally follow these steps in order:

  • 1- Identify the required software
  • 2- Software needs analysis
  • 3- Detailed specifications required by the software
  • 4- Software design
  • 5- Programming
  • 6- Testing
  • 7- Maintenance